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Maur's Bar Charity Bartender Program

Help your favorite charity at Maur's Bar
The Maur's Bar Guest Bartender Program provides charitable organizations with a unique way to raise money. Members or volunteers from your organization tend the bar that evening with support and assistance from one of Maury's professional bartenders.

We place tip buckets on the bar and tables and strongly encourage our patrons to give generously. Tips and a portion of the night's proceeds are donated to your organization. You are also free to include other fundraising efforts such as split-the-pot, raffles, etc. This has proven to be a great way to raise funds for charities and organizations. Recent fundraising has benefited Westwood Works, The Leukimia Society, Friends of Jackie Smith and Breast-Fest; Breast Cancer Awareness among others.

Contact Matt Huesman at 662-2683 for more information.

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